Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its over .... We hope!

There's a good chance the race is done. Just keeping an eye on 2nd & 3rd, but very unlikely they can make up the distance. Andy stopped riding at the 20hr mark, so he'd be pretty unhappy if he had to get up and ride! I wouldn't want to try waking him!


Anonymous said...

Good work team!
How's Jaydens secret training going to the Kona?

Anonymous said...

Awsome job dad Jayden. Good job Dad Olivia. Ya Dada more

Fabian said...

Nice race Bellie. You were flying out there. Came past me a few times and were gone seconds later.

TR said...

Great meeting you and Robyn on the weekend. Thanks to Robyn for her help and to you for the chats along the way.

Great result for you too.