Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend review...

What a manic weekend. Things kicked off with Olivia's ballet concert Friday night, we were all out until 11pm, crazy hour to have the kids out and a I type this we are suffering the consequences of two very tired kids.

Olivia did a fantastic job. Below she is wearing her ballet costume (she also did a Jazz routine). We don't have any pics from the concert because they didn't allow cameras. She looks 4 going on fourteen. I'm getting scared already.

Saturday lunch was Jayden's 7th birthday party (his actual birthday was Friday). We had it at home and as usually I got to play host to 25 kids all hyped up on sugar. It was a lot of fun.
We also had another party at home for dinner, this time it was a BBQ with many family and friends attending. I think I will have a day of cleaning up the house early in the week, because as you will read below, I had no time for that today.

OK, now to talk about riding. Today I was out nice and early for a longish MTB ride. I took the 120 to Lysterfield for it's first go on some proper trails. I was very happy with how the bike rode, I don't think I will be changing anything to prepare it for the Kona 24 latter this month. The extra 20mm of travel makes it ride like it's floating on clouds. It really is an all day trail bike whilst still being light enough to race in varied formats.

You know you are out early when the main car park at Lysterfield looks like this. I had already completed one full lap in the dark before this shot was taken. Jack had us up early for a feed, so I took the opportunity to go riding and miss the sleep. At least the trails were rider free for a while.

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Wom said...

If shes growing up that quick Andrew it might be time to buy a gun. LOL