Sunday, November 23, 2008

Times up....

With less than one week until the Kona 24, time to get some more training in is up. Unfortunately I have had a nasty flu for the past two and a bit weeks (as has Robyn) and have been riding much less than my normal small amount. At this stage I think I will still race solo but my aim will have to be to have fun, enjoy the courses and not worry at all about the result.

I haven't finished the Kona in the past two year, so I am determined to finish this year even if I am not on the podium. I have told Robyn to go to bed if need be (she is still struggling with a nasty cough) because her job will be tough. Looking after all three kids (Jack will be on his first camping trip) and me. I am hopping a slower pace will mean I will be ok to roll around comfortably and keep all the "Kona gremlens" from previous years at bay.

So please, if you are heading to the event and feel like riding a lap with me, don't hesitate, the company will do me good.


Sean Bekkers said...

Good luck mate you will be fine. Just whip them legs.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Andy- relax and enjoy the ride!