Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Queen Charlotte Track

What a day. Today Robyn gave me a leave pass to go riding. Not just any old ride either. It started by catching a boat to Ship Cove, the beginning of Queen Charlotte Track at the top of the South Island in NZ. The boat trip took about an hour and left me all alone with 71km of walking/single track ahead of me, plus another 25km on the road back to Picton (our camp for the night). This track usually takes walkers four days and it is recommended to ride it in two days. I tackled it with an extra 25km on the end for good measure. What was I thinking. The terrain was extremely hilly and rugged and was quite muddy in sections. In summer you are not allowed to ride the entire track due to the amount of walkers taking on the challenge, so my timing was great. I will let the photos do the talking.

This is the boat that took me out to the start. It is the official mail boat, dropping off mail to the residents living way out here. There is no road access at all, boat only.
A very unstable suspension bridge.
One of the many places to stay the night .. and an honesty shop. I looked but no Coke.
Drift wood...come bike work stand...come kitchen bench for campers.
Not a bad view hey...
There was so much to see on this track. Time flew by. This is one I will remember for a long time to come.


Fabian said...

We walked this track for our honeymoon. Would love to go back and ride it one day.

Ash Thomas said...

geez, that looks epix :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff Bellie- photos make me miss home (I grew up in Nelson).. I wish we had proper mountains. Try the Local Brew "Macs beer", the Summer Ale and OcktoberMac (if you can get hold of it) are excellent.
If you're heading to Nelson we have a 'Granny flat' which is usually empty and makes a good base. Email me and I'll see what's going on.

cannonball said...

saw this trck on getaway last night. looked pretty cool spot, especially the beaches. good one ya lucky bastard.