Sunday, September 21, 2008

NZ encore...

I need to do a big thank you to Andrew Patten from Ay Up. He is a very supportive sponsor, is very passionate about mountain biking and a great guy to boot. We had a great time with him and the other Ay Up guys in New Zealand. Below are a few pics from the week spent with them, Randall and Rhino.

Ay Up supplied all of us with special edition green and gold lights. I gave them straight to Jackson for the final test before racing with them.

The Team. Rhino and Randall racing pairs. Myself and two of my best pit crew. These two handed me bottles on the fly whilst Robyn was tied up with Jackson.

I don’t have many racing shots yet, but I will get hold of some shortly. Andrew P. took this one.

On Monday after the race all the Ay Up riders went for a ride from Rotorua – through some of the best trails in the world. We were guided by Dave from Bike Vegas, a top bloke too.
The boys having a ball in the bush.

Randall styling it up off a 12 foot gap.

Today I was up for an encore race. I have been on antibiotics all week after suffering with the worst saddle sore ever. It was a XC style club event (something I haven’t done for about 5 years). It was great. Plenty of climbing, great single track- technical, rooty and a tad muddy in spots. I think I finished 5th in Elite, but most importantly, I had fun. (Sorry no pics, Robyn took the kids shopping whilst I was riding).

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Eamonn said...

Nice work, go aussies :D

Looks like Ay-up really helped out a lot.

Looking forward to using my Ay-ups at Stromlo soon!