Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feet are still up.....

It has been a good move to stay off the bike. I am still feeling pretty average, and making the decision to not ride at all for a couple of weeks has eased the mind. I will probably get on the bike in time for the next CTS round, yeah.

I have been asked to fill the gap on my last post in regards to the 24 hour world record. Well, I don't have any pics or bike for that matter (it is still being built). But what I can provide is a little insight to what is required to try on such a feet. If you follow this link you can read about the current world record holder. He is a bit of a machine, not only on the bike, but many other modes of transport. So, with any luck, I will have a bike to test soon and things will become a bit more real. But for now it is back to yelling at the kids to go back to bed and catching up on some good old TV.

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