Monday, March 9, 2009

Shut up and ride...

This long weekend I needed to just get out and ride. I have never been a fan of riding on tired legs, so a long weekend gives the opportunity to have a day off between rides.
Saturday morning I decided to get out nice and early with Clackers. We got two climbs in in the Dandenongs before rolling down for the hell ride. It was a good test for the body, I was able to keep the intensity high and even got to roll turns up the front for a while.

Today was a perfect day for a long mtb hit out. Lucky the pink boys had plans that included myself. Starting from richmond we (there was 12 of us in total) rode the entire mullum loop (about 80k's). Chuck in the 20 odd k's from home and back, gave me a very long in the saddle. The best bit was the fact that my body was good to take on the challenge. Two more weeks of training and I think I will be ready to take on the NZ boys on their turf.

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