Sunday, March 29, 2009

NZ in brief...

It ended up being a tough day/night on the bike. 16 hours in and my body was desperate for sleep, so much so it was waaaay to dangerous on that course for me to continue. So I decided to pull the pin. I was awarded 3rd Solo Male in the end, and I think I might need to plan a longer training block than three weeks before I attempt another 24 solo.


bev said...

bummer dude

simon said...

Hey Bellie

Better to stay alive ha!
I think your MTB racing makes I.M Kona look like a walk in the park...I train guys for this I.M stuff all the time
Even fat guys can Finnish under cut off!

Mate can you contact me when your home.....looked everywhere for your contact details...I guess that M number from 1995 won't work!


Simon Knowles