Sunday, December 7, 2008

December for me is usually time to rest after a hectic finish to the year. But this year is a bit different. Because I took this year a easier on the race side of things, I am now fired up do get some good base k's in the legs and prepare myself for a manic start to next year. I have already scheduled over 100 hour of racing into my calendar by the end of April.

Today I rolled out the door for a little spin around Lysterfield on the Unit 29er. I had forgotten how harsh the rigid single speed was on the old body, but still it was fun. I bumped into a few friends whilst there. One of which ended up riding the last hour and a half with me, delivering me to my door. Evan Franzke (pictured below) deserves a mention, I have been racing this guy since I started doing Enduros back in 2005. He has since gone on to win many shorter enduro and as of this week will be riding on the Kona Factory Team. We might even team up in the Mont next year. So, good luck Evan in your new colors, enjoy the ride.

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