Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chasing the sun...

I am beginning to love base level training. With my courier background, base training has been foreign to me. Working was my base. But as it looks more and more like I won't get back to couriering, I need to get some longish slow rides with no real intensity for the next 6 to8 weeks.

Tonight I went out on the Tour de Burbs ride. Not many familiar faces out tonight amongst the 100 plus bunch. But with Clackers also out, I had some company out the back as he is in his base phase as well.

My AyUps came out for the ride but they weren't needed. The pic above was taken 500m from my housing. I love long sunny days.


Sean Bekkers said...

Do you get on your single speed much. i have a similiar plan to you and have found that the ss wont let you put to much intensity in.

Nice photo are you up for the Dusk til Dawn next year.

Bellie said...

Hey Sean,
The ss doesn't get riden much. I have overlayed Suunto files of similar rides done on the ss and the gear bikes and I find the ss file is usually about 10% harder (ie higher HR)
At this stay I am planning on doing the Dusk til Dawn. I loved the format last year and am looking forward to riding at the new venue. See you there.

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