Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saddle up...

Yesterday I was part of a small posse Ash Thomas formed to head out into the hills for a leisurely cruise. Other riders included John Claxton (2nd two week ago at the 24hr Nationals), Jason Jackson (Felt Epix rider), Joel Read (Total Rush) and Grover. From the outset it was obvious everyone else was there to take turns riding with Joel on the front. The man is a machine and being fresh and fit set him apart from the rest of us.

For me this ride was about getting some base miles back into my legs after the body has had a good rest off the bike. There is no better way for doing this than with a great bunch of mates in the Dandenongs. The highlight of the ride (and my max heart rate,) was the decent down the One in Twenty (Sasafras to the Basin on Mountain Hwy). A bunch descent keeps you on your toes that's for sure. Working turns whilst keeping the pace very high. Heeeeaps of fun.

Joel Read - this man can pull a bunch along all day without complaint.

The posse rolling over the top of the 'nongs.

I love this sign at the top of the One in Twenty decent. Single file, bloody hell at the speeds we descend at, cars don't stand a chance of overtaking.


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