Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ride it like you stole it.....

Last nights Fatties ride was the debut MTB ride for my Kona Unit 29er. I decided it would be a great training tool; forcing me to push a fair bit harder to keep up with the bunch.

However, my first mistake for the night was when we decided the bunch was too big and needed to be split in two with one group heading in towards the city (slower more technical trails) and the other group heading out to Westerfold Park (faster flowing trails). Silly me chose the latter meaning I needed to spin my butt off. Adding to the pain was the fact I had just worked my first courier day in 3 weeks. I held the group well until it came time to ride the bike track back - I spun out for a short while, then I gave up and had a slow cruise back to the scout hall.

My second mistake came when I had an off after collecting a tree with the bars in a tight section of single track. The mistake wasn't the crash but not checking to see if I had lost anything from my pockets. It wasn't until I was back at the car I realised I had lost my Suunto GPS pod. I knew precisely at what point I had lost is (20.48km into the ride) because my Suunto T6 stopped recording distance at this point. So today's job was to head back out into the twisties of Westerfolds and retrieve the Pod.

Job done.

As for how the Unit 29er rode - bloody brilliantly. They are an absolute hoot to ride, you have to work on it (by that I mean everything to do with mountain biking) to get the most from the bike. But this is great for training. I think it will be heading out on may more rides in the future than first thought. It might even see a few upgrades ....

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Mak said...

welcome to the 29er world!