Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jaggered Plans...

I had a plan for Saturday's ride. Jackson is usually up for a feed at about 4am, it takes about an hour all up to feed him and get him back to sleep. My plan was to do all this then head out the door for an early morning MTB ride at Lysterfield. The kids had another plan, I was just about to walk out the door just after 5am when Olivia walked out of her room (very unusually for her). Once she is up that's it, no going back to sleep. Jayden wasn't far behind after Jack had a tantrum and probably woke the whole street. Robyn is on her second cause of antibiotics after a secondary infection came about on Thursday, meaning she is still very tender and needs lots of rest. With all this going against me, I got out of my new Kona Kit (I'll show that off latter) and went from athlete mode to daddy mode.

Not to be deterred, I came up with another plan. I waited until Jackson was in bed for the night (well a few hours at least) and the other two kids where almost ready to go to bed and kitted up again. I was able to get a few hours for riding in, but it wasn't living up to my expectations. Friday night was one of the toughest yet since Jackson's arrival, both Robyn and myself only getting a few hours sleep all most. This left me tired. Wednesday's work/Fatties ride on the Unit 29er also made me feel tired, even three days latter the legs were still feeling taxed.
Whilst heading to Lysterfield I came across this track in Churchhill Park. The trail fairies have been out in force (read bored school kids on holidays). Unfortunately I was riding up this downhill section, a nice two foot drop ramp into a sweeping left hand burm.

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Zero said...

I take it you didn't stop and dismantle it? (I'm sure we can pass this one onto the rangers to demolish).