Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just remember “mum’s” the word

Whilst in the US, Kona hooked me up with a top bloke (Kelly Steelman) to help out with mechanical “stuff” during the worlds. We spent the weekend after the worlds with Kelly and his wonderful family in Santa Barbara. He was able to get me a new bike to give Jayden for his Birthday. As far as I know it is the only Shred 20 in the country and it’s a pretty sweet ride for a five year old. Not sure if I’ll leave it stock or pimp it up a bit with hydros and a bit of XTR (let me know what you think). His birthday is early November, so he should have it in time to defend his title in the U/7 category at the Kona 24 minute event.

I wish I had one of these puppies when I was a little lad. I had a dragster with a blue glitter paint job.

Myself celebrating after the worlds with the old man (center) and Kelly. Notice the bandage on my arm from the drip the ambos were nice enough to hook me up with on site so I could cross the line and record a finish instead of a DNF if I was taken to hospital.


Anonymous said...

Pimp that bike hard.....you will anyway!!!


Grover said...

need to take it in to the groupe guys! was in there this morning and they didn't know what i was talking about.

WWG said...

Hi, good photos :) Good Blog !
Look from Quebec Canada

WWG :)