Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back in Melbourne!!

We left LAX at 10 pm Friday night and arrived at Tulla 10 am Sunday morning, what happen to Saturday, oh well it feels great to be home. Back to normality. Travelling home with three bikes and five large suitcases turned out to be a challenge in its’ self.
Thanks to Air New Zealand, the trip out of Tulla was made much easier. In transit in Auckland they decided not to move the bikes over to the new aircraft we were boarding. After waiting at baggage claim for an hour we find out the bikes are still in New Zealand and we won’t be seeing them until tomorrow. It probably turned out to be a good thing, we only travelled over with two bikes and coming back with three (I’ll get to that later) I don’t think we would have got everything into the Delica.

This is what almost 200kgs of luggage looks like.

Now I'm home, it's time to get some regular rides in, start focusing on the hefty enduro season and put the worlds behind me.

All I need now is a bike to ride.....

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