Monday, September 24, 2007


Well, it’s time to brush away the travel cobwebs and get back into the training routine. With the Mont only seven weeks away and myself racing in the Kona Pro Fours Team, I need to adjust my training to suit team racing. Cool, shorter training session. Higher heart rates, not so cool.

I did odd jobs around the house whilst I waited for the courier to arrive from the airport with my bike. They finally turned up, but it looks like the bottom fell out of one of the boxes and my spares box containing tools etc is missing. Big time bummer. By the time I could get out for a ride it was getting dark, so I had to strap the Ay Up onto the road bike and head out to a newly thought of training session which involved a nearby steep but shot hill. Boy oh boy, cobwebs suck. I was very glad I chose to leave before dinner, after 20 mins of riding up and down I think I could taste lunch.

Very smart looking lights. (I'll do a full report on the Ay Up soon)

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