Monday, March 1, 2010

Keeping you in the loop...

Sorry I haven't been keeping you in the loop lately, things have been really busy. Work has picked up and I am now working more than I have for the past 4 years. This is a good thing. Training has been going well, plenty is being done and my form is starting to improve. The biggest issue is getting enough recovery to make the training worth while. With the kids back at school, ever night is taken up with their extra activities. Fun times.

Hopefully things are on track for a good race at Easter, but we will have to see. I have Simon Knowles looking after my training now. It is so good not to have to think about what riding I should be doing. He really knows his stuff and gives me flexibility to keep in tune with what the rest of the family is up to.

Please check over to my garage, I have some good deals going. Including my beloved Look 555 road bike and a kick arse T6c Suunto training wrist computer.

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