Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wildside day 2

Stage 3 (first for the day). Worst stage ever. Started with group A, but 4mins in I pinch flatter the rear tire. All fixed and moving before B group caught me. We had a tough moist forest climb. Towards the top my hanger snapped (bummer big time). I took my time fixing it, making sure I didn't stuff it up because I only have one spare. This put me way off the pace.

Stage 4, the longest of the event. Started with a 6km road climb. I rolled over the top not far off the pace in group A, but the pace heated up and I couldn't stick at it... I needed a couple minutes to re-energies, so I dropped back had a relax and then got back to it. It was a really fun stage and the Look hardtail is becoming a joy to ride now that I am remembering how the ride a one. For me now, the race has become less of a race and more about enjoying the experience. Just too far back to get back into the top 10.

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