Monday, January 11, 2010

Sorry for the absence

Happy new year to everyone and sorry for the rather large gap since my last post. As you can imagine, it has been pretty hectic around our place with school holidays and all.

As far as riding goes, I have been getting plenty in.... I decided to try something different this year and actually train. I have employed myself a coach, Simon Knowles. He is an old triathlon mate of mine, a full time coach and extremely well qualified for the gig. I will go into more detail on this one soon, but to sum it up, things are going really well.

I have the Wildside 4 day stage race on at the end of the month for my intro back into racing for 2010. I am really looking forward to this event but have no expectations on myself. It will be my first ever stage race and I doubt it will be my last Oh yeah, speaking on stage races, I have just confirmed my participation in an exciting variation of a stage race in SA in June. A 350km, over 4 days, but if you race along side a team mate, you can ride the entire 350km in one hit. Sounds like fun hey... I will fill you in my more details including my riding partner shortly.

Anyway, things are looking great for 2010. Stay tuned and detail will come through soon.


Anonymous said...

Randel is gunna step up?
Dan Mac

Bellie said...

Hey Dan,

No, he has given up on the silly long stuff. Pretty sure he is planing to kick my butt a Wildside though.