Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feeling flat...

It's been a tough week. Melbourne weather has made it very dificult to get the training done. Basically if you can't get out very early in the morning you are toast. I rolled the Wednesday Fatties ride, the temperature did't drop delow 35C. It was very uncomfortable indead. And the recovery from such a slow, easy ride in the heat sucked big time.
Today I got out very early (5am) to meet the boys in Yarra Glen at 6:30 for a nice little loop. It ended up being a day filled with puntures.
Here is Jason fixing his first or three flats. I got the first one of the day on the sealed road thanks to a nail.

Jason's second flat. I think we are going to run out of tubes.
And yep, no more tubes. Here Randall tried to tire a knot to use an old tube. It didn't hold.
Luckily there was a house close buy with a kind lady offering her husbands tube to save the day. Rohin was in need this time after Jason used his spare.

All in all in was a good ride. I think the heat of the week is making me feel flat and a little tired. I am planning a week of rest before I head up to Queensland next weekend for the Ay Up Dust till Dawn 12 hour. Finally, it's race time again.