Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bike preping...

Well, the bikes needed a little TLC after being abused a little over the last couple of months. I needed to get the both bake up to speed rand race ready for next weekend. New Maxis tyre all round (Larson TT on the rear and Crossmarks on the front), tyre filled with a new dose of Spex tyre sealant, new cables, chains and cassettes. I replaced the broken front mech on the Hei Hei and fitted some Authority brake pads.

Next time you are after some new pads for your bike, check these guys out. Designed by Fabian Borel, Authority Brake pads are available to suit most brakes and have three different compounds. They are also an environmentally friendly, using recycled materials in both the pad and the packaging. all for less the $40 an end. I will let you know how good they work soon, but from what I have been told from the Kona down hill guys I won't be disappointed.
I thought I would get a pic of the new Mavic Chasm MTB shes posted. I have now spent more than 10 hours in these and I must say they were comfortable straight out of the box. Check out the neat brass plate under the cleat. This will save you shoes from a premature death when using egg beater style pedals. They are super light also, but not as load as the yellow ones.