Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Four Fathers....

I thought it was about time I updated this Blog. I have had a little time off but my training is now rolling along nicely. We spent Christmas down on the west coast. I got a few rides in, but our holiday was cut short when Jackson got the Chicken Pox. Bummer. It would still be nice to have a little more time do a few extra k's, but all things considered I am very happy with my pre-race form at the moment. My first race for the year will be the Dusk till Dawn in Queensland, where I am looking forward to the new venue.

Today I headed out nice and early (take a close look at the Ringwood clock tower below) with Clackers, Jason Jackson and Jeff Williams. The hills were calling and I think we punished ourselves nicely. I am really liking riding the new Look 555. It is probably the most enjoyable road bike I hav riden. Look really have their development down pat, even at the entry level to their range.

As always the Dandenong ranges had plenty of stunning senery to keep the eyes entertained whilst the body is being punished.

I have decided it is harder on the body to HAMMER down the hills, than tempo up them. No time for recovery rolling, JAse was in fine form chasing down as many car/trucks as he could find heading the same direction. Fun fun fun..

Once all the boys had heading home, I kept the wheels rolling for a little longer. I managed to make it to Abbortsford, where I meet up with the group I usually do the Hell Ride with as they headed back east. It made for a long ride. Just what the body needed to remind it what it's all about.


Sean Bekkers said...

Sounds good mate. i didnt get many K's in over the holiday but the last two weeks have been going well. Catch at the Dusk til Dawn


splendid said...

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