Thursday, December 20, 2007


Last night was the Groupe Sportif (aka Kona) Christmas function. This was the third year of me attending their Xmas party and each year it gets better and better. This year saw us have the Werribe Open Range Zoo open just for us. To start with was the lion feeding. We got up close to the massive cats, they sure are a real sight.

All that was between us and becoming dinner was half inch of glass. This is Mark (the big boss man) enjoying a glass of red whilst the cat has other dinner plans on his mind.

After the feeding it was off to a mud brick gazebo for a BBQ with style and atmosphere to boot.

The Groupe family. Well most of them anyway. (sorry about the red eye, no time for photo shop) These guys have been extremely supportive of my racing over the last couple of years and it is always great to spend time socialising with them without a bike in sight. I am very grateful to be known as part of the Groupe Sportif family.
I also have some sad news. It is with great regret I inform you, my Dr Dew (as featured a coupled of weeks ago on this blog) is no more. It came off the roof of the car doing 100km/h on the way to the Christmas party last night. I watched it fly through the air and into the car following us and am very surprised there wasn't more damaged caused. Thank goodness for Middleditch insurance, they will cover the bike and the other car. Not to sure what to replace it with yet. maybe even a Ute.

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