Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jayden's big race....

Jayden lines up ready to defend title from last year. New course, new challenges and new machine.

He led from start to finish. All those hours of racing around the front yard after school paid off. Power went straight to the ground, kept eyes up and focused on the track ahead.

About to take the drop into the gully. He has had the correct riding stance for as long as I can remember.

His proud little sister. I think she will be ready to have a go next.
And year, Jayden does have a set of Ay Up's on his bike. He kept riding into the night and probably did more hour than most people racing in teams.


Randall said...

I reckon, i did 4 hours over the 24 and for the other 20 i never saw him off his bike.

cannonball said...

You better watch your back andy, he'll be kickin' your arse soon!!