Monday, June 21, 2010

Lost against car...

I went out for an easy spin on Friday morning, it was cold but clear. I was only 10 minutes from home, when a car waiting at a give way pulled out right into me. Luckily, my courier instincts kicked in. I was directly in front of her when I heard the rev of the engine, I tried everything to get out of the way, I sprinted and moved into the middle of the road. Basically, these actions reduced the severity of my injuries. I got my legs out of the way, leaving the rear of the bike to take the impact. This flicked me over the bars, landing on my back, left shoulder first. So my shoulder (still undiagnosed) is very sore and my right thumb very bruised. I see myself as very luck, but guess what the driver said, "sorry I didn't see you". Very poor excuse. There was nothing impeding her view, I was wearing a standout, white Look kit and hey, I'm not exactly small.

My poor bike didn't fair so well. Barely a month old and written off. Boo.

It's back to the doctors today to see if we can figure out what is happening to my shoulder. There was little to no improvement over the weekend with complete rest (thanks to Robyn for looking after everything). I have cancelled my plans to race the Merida 24 hour next month, but hopefully I am back riding within a few weeks.


TR said...

Bad news Andy
Hope you have a good injuries lawyer on the job.
Had a similar thing happen to me on Saturday.
I was luckier in that I managed to get out of the way with no collision at all.
Rest up and heal quick.

rhino said...

Bloody Hell........awful news news!

Hubcap said...

oh no!! Hope the shoulder is ok. I just got knocked over by a taxi at work on Wednesday, but am pretty much ok. Shame you're not coming to QLD to smash it at Merida. There are some fun trails and Tailwind always run great event.