Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family fun...

I am on the mend. The stitches in my finger have been removed (it wasn't very exciting, all I did was slashed it with a new stanley knife), and I am over my chest infection. So it is now time to start riding again. Today I hooked up with new sponsor boss Rob Eva (Mr SRAM), team mate Evan Franzke and James Maebus (Torq) and headed up into the Nongs on the mtb's. It was a great ride, over many trails I have never done. The legs felt ok, and I am hoping this is the begining of some good fitness.

On top of the world...well maybe not.

Getting up there isn't always easy.

I was downloading some pics from my camera today and found this little video. Before you say we should be wearing helmet, I know, but in my defence we were on private property.

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