Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update your blog you fool...

Sorry, I haven't been very good lately at updating my blog. I have been a bit busy and also unwell and off the bike, so nothing bike related to write about. I finally got out on the bike tonight, first time since feeling very short of breath nearly two weeks ago out at Randall's play ground. The lungs are feeling better now, but the legs have lost a bit of strength. At this stage I am planning to roll down to the Chase The Sun 8hr this Sunday to get some k's in the legs. I plan on keeping it easy and will stop if the body tells me it has had enough. By all reports in should be a great bash in the mud and cold.

I have neglected to give my race report from the Mont 24 a few weeks back. Most of you will know we won the six man team. Evan has given a good report over on his blog. All I would like to add is that I was very happy with how I rode. I think I had two minutes between my fastest and slowest laps, 3 day laps and 3 night laps and I also was able to keep my quickest lap till last. It was great fun relaxing and enjoying the event with my Kona team mates. On a side note, Jayden also enjoyed the weekend (except for the driving). He was able to get back on the bike for the first time in a while. He has been in a full plaster cast on his arm and his bike had been side lined for a bit.

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